BIBI BUD 2 (infusion)

After the quick sold out of BIBI BUD, we decided to look for a new strain with our partner Von BiKräv!

You all know him now, the artist also known as “the prince of Frapcore”, Casual Gabberz crew memeber, is a weed fanatic!

Mixing gabber and hiphop, he’s very active as a DJ and producer, remixing artists such as Niska, Alkpote or Jul!

It was then absolutely logic to enhance our collab and to present a second strain, as premium as the first one!

We orientated our choice on a  INDOOR SUPER SILVER HAZE , a fresh and tonic strain with lemoned and peppered notes, typical from Haze. This one is grown on Swiss soil, using top methods developped by our partners.

One more time, the esthetic, the high CBD rate (4,7%) and its magnificent BUDS made the difference, and influenced our choice.

So we proudly present to you BIBI BUD 2!!!

To celebrate this collab, an exclusive digital one hour Mixtape between Early Hardcore, Millenium and Frapcore will be available with your purchase

As ever, we won’t change our ethic, and try our best to offer a fair price for this indoor premium strain!!!


CBD : 4.7%
THC : -0.2%

7,50 /gr

200 in stock


Are you 18 or over ?